GŁnther Electronic GmbH
Strombergstr. 23
71636 Ludwigsburg

phone: +49 (0)7141 14 13 0 - 0
fax: +49 (0)7141 14 13 0 - 250
email: info @ guenther-electronic.de

For more than 30 years we manufacture coils in the different versions. We are DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified. Our experience and know-how guarantee you a continuously high quality.

The operational areas of our coils are various:
linear motors, circulating pumps, clocks, thrushes, measurement devices, magnetic valves, relays, anchors, medical technology, electromagnets, high voltage transformers, automobile industry and many further application possibilities.

Coils for further application possibilities can be manufactured individually on your needs.

With a manufacturing capacity of hundredthousands of coils each month , we manufacture on modern CNC coil roll units from 1 spindle to 24 spindles. Further mounting-stick-vacuumimbueing and soldering automats belong to our production line. (soldering also in lead-free).

We manufacture small and mass production

By our offer, the high-quality processing, our reliability and our fast supply, we can rely on a faithful and content regular clientele for decades .
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